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Are you swimming with your baby in a pool and would you like a special kind of photo shoot? Excellent! Then aqua.baby is the right place for you. With over ten years of experience in underwater photography, we are the experts for amazing photos of babies and toddlers, both above and under water.

How does an underwater shoot work with us? Pretty simple. Our specially trained photographers come to your swim school, free of charge and without any obligation to buy our photos, and skillfully capture your baby during a regular class. Fun factor for young and old guaranteed! You can then easily order the photos online afterwards.

aqua.baby cooperates with many providers of baby swimming courses in Germany, Switzerland and Spain. You can find a list of swim schools that we visit regularly here.

Don't find your preferred swim school on the list? Don't worry!
Just ask in your swim school if we can come by for free and contact us.
If the recommendation is successful, you will even receive your pictures for free.

We look forward to seeing you!

Best regards,

Arjen Mulder - founder of aqua.baby

aqua.baby is always looking for new partner swim schools.

Even though our head office is still in Cologne, we now work with swim schools and providers of baby and children's swimming courses all over Germany, Switzerland and Spain and are expanding in Europe. Our team is constantly growing. For every successful recommendation at a new swim school, which then invites us to the shoot, you will receive your pictures completely free of charge. Inquire without obligation! It's worth it.


Happy customers

With over ten years of experience in underwater photography, we are absolute experts in swimming and diving photos of children and babies. We do our best at every shoot so that the little ones have fun and our customers are satisfied - with success.
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Berna worte:

"The baby swimming shoot in Siegburg with Arjen was our second (the first was in Cologne in the Krieler Welle). Both shootings were really great. Arjen is very good with children. Everything is very loving and lots of jokes, very entertaining. It is a pleasant atmosphere with lots of fun. Arjen also takes nice photos when the kids are not in a good mood. Because of a successful recommendation at a new swim school, I got the second shoot for free, which of course makes me particularly happy. Thanks again for that, Arjen. I hope we have another chance to do a shoot. All in all: highly recommendable and absolutely worth the price !!!! Keep it up ;-)"

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Kathi wrote:

"I am very impressed! Starting with the technical equipment, equipment and props for the background, dealing with adults & children, the timing of the photos to the optimization of the photos after the order, I am very satisfied. Of course it always happens depending on the mood of the child when shooting, but if, as with every swimming lesson, you take it easy and playfully, then almost every shot sits! It is not cheap, as with any good photographer, I would definitely take part in a baby swimming shoot again, they are great memories. "


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Katrin Krüger wrote:

"We are very enthusiastic about the photos! By now we have already joined three baby swimming shootings and bought all the pictures! The session is smoothly done during a course or during a separate appointment, in which the children are entertained all the time! Everything is allowed, if the child doesn't want, it's also ok. The pictures can be viewed without obligation, they do not have to be bought! But I can say that there will definitely be something for everyone! There are different compositions possible, regardless of whether with mom, with dad, with everyone, even under water, all together, depending on who is there and wants to join in. It's always worth a try! "

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